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Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons

Old Believers

Released: June 26, 2012
Label: Readymade Records
Reviewed by: Jill Stephenson

Road trip music at its best, Old Believers was so addicting I didn’t turn it off for three hours on my way back to Dallas. Led by Cory Chisel, the album does not hit one off note, each track as great as the last. Chisel’s bluesy, gravel like voice is supported by electric guitar and Adriel Denae’s vocals, as well as a collection of instruments ranging from the harmonica to strings. The album begins with Denae’s haunting vocals backed by blues guitar on “This Is How It Goes,” a track that ends far too soon. Next Chisel takes over on perhaps the best track of the whole album “I’ve Been Accused.” This track is reminiscent of Tom Waits and Bob Dylan and sets the tone for the rest of the album with a slightly country folk sound which grows throughout the rest of the album. “Never Meant to Love You” has a down home vibe with honest lyrics. The album proceeds without a hitch, dipping its toes into other genres including blues, folk, and even a little soul on the upbeat track “Over Jordan.” Other notable tracks include “She Don’t Mind,” a slower sweet track and “Seventeen,” which has more of a rock vibe. This album is more than worth 40 minutes of your time. You can see the band open for Murder by Death at the Mohawk in Austin on the 28th of July.