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God Save the King

Released: February 28, 2012

Label: Man Bites Dog


Review by: Tatiana

Copywrite is no newbie to the rap game. Being prominent in underground hip-hop since the late 90's with his Columbus rap crew MegaHertz (MHz), Copywrite has come back stronger than ever with his latest solo release God Save the King which landed a spot on Billboard's top 100 rap albums chart.

Throughout the album faith is a common theme, such as in "Post-Apocalyptic Request Box" where Copywrite spits, "I was birthed one night to worship Christ / Devil, my soul's not for sale, no purchase price / I'm a rebel, a wordsmith, nice, my mom's angel sing / Keep my baby in your prayers, God save the King,". Copywrite seems to let his guard down as he explores his faith and channels his pain from losing loved ones into his music. There is a lot more to God Save the King though other than spirituality. Copywrite lets his rap-battle roots shine in tracks like "White Democrats" where he continues his beef with Asher Roth as well as "Swaggot Killaz", and "G$K". Samples throughout the album range from a vocal sample of Biggie in "Swaggot Killaz", to "Western Girl" by Dragon in "Got to Make It" and a Dive Strait cover of "Money for Nothing" in "Yo MTV Raps". God Save the King is proof of Copywrite's raw lyricism which is complimented by its production, mostly contributed by Bronz Nazareth, Jason Rose, and Stu Bangas.

While the 17 song album is a bit lengthy, it is full of detail and is packed with punch line after punch line as Copywrite makes every word count which won't come as a surprise to veteran Copywrite fans. But even God Save the King shows furtherance in his poetic writing and has provided him with some momentum that is much deserved, leaving fans curious and optimistic to see where he goes from here.