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Chris Clark

Turning Dragon




Released: January 28, 2008
Label: Warp Records
Myspace: /throttleclark


By: James Cisneros

Chris Clark’s Turning Dragon is a refreshing reminder that there are still DJs out there with the ability to communicate true, raw human emotion through a mesmerizing channel known to us as electronic music. The title Turning Dragon suggests a strong and powerful tone all the way through the album, and luckily for us, Clark doesn’t disappoint. Despite an ambient subtleness, reflective of Aphex Twin or Boards of Canada, Clark is able to provide a loud and energetic album full of chopped beats, synth-pads, and tactically placed samples.

Clark’s elaborate song texture is evident in his use of quick tempo changes, clever syncopation, and overlapping noise. Dragon is complex, but not to the point where we can’t comprehend what’s going on in our artist’s mind. Standout songs include the great opener “New Year Storm”, the nostalgic/melancholy-like “Mercy Sines”, and rave favorite “BEG”. Turning Dragon is an acquired taste, recommended for electro-music veterans.