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Get On With It





Released: November 15, 2008
Label: Self-Released
Myspace: /cavesmusic

By: Dana Cedillo

After replaying Get On With It several times on my iPod while walking through the quad, riding the Tram and waiting in line for coffee, I was pleasantly reminded of why I love indie rock by four boys from Portland, Ore. Caves have managed to combine several different styles in their debut album without being overly experimental. They maintain a connection through each song with reggae beats and lyrical and musical rhythm inspired by The Police, Duran Duran and other 80’s icons. In a melting pot of indie bands where everything is beginning to sound the same, Caves steer clear of the “synth-pop” that has become all too familiar in the independent music world as well as in the mainstream. The first half of the self-produced album is very upbeat, and catchy reggae guitar riffs often overshadow the lyrics; before you know it, you are singing and bouncing to “Soldier” and the title track, “Get On With It”. In “Closure”, one of the album’s less peppy tracks, the staccato drumbeats and lead guitar compliment the sorrowful lyrics and raspy voice of Jacob Carey as he sings, “we break because we bend. I’ll see you at the bottom”. Jacob Carey, Brian Morris, David Benedetti, and Tim West have are definitely a unique find. They have cited many influences ranging from Dr. Dre, The Cure and even Ace of Base, all of which is evident in their debut. Caves have provided a much-needed glimpse into the future of indie rock passed synthesizers.