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Cat Power


Release Date: September 4, 2012
Label: Matador
Spotify: Cat Power Music
Reviewed by: Melissa Bond

After taking a little break from the public eye Chan Marshall, otherwise known as Cat Power has just released her 9th album "Sun" this past month. This new album has had Cat Power fans, along with popular music critics such as Pitchfork and NME hyped after waiting 6 years now for another release.  The first single released prior to the album in June was "Ruin". 
Ruin was a great tune to give listeners an idea of how "Sun" would play out. The majority of the songs are upbeat, using synth and keyboard quite heavily. 
The title track of "Sun", "Cherokee" follows this trend as well. It starts off slow and soothing but then picks up to a dance-y, upbeat melody. This is unusual for Cat Power however, because she's very well known for her melancholy slow music. 
In comparison to past releases this is a new found cheeriness for Cat Power but in no way has this set the album back. There's a good mixture of upbeat and slow melodies, along with deep and inspirational lyrics. So although "Sun" is a big turn around compared to past music from Cat Power, there is still a little bit of something for new and old listeners to enjoy. "Nothing But Time" is a perfect example of that, bringing the classic slow but powerful Cat Power sound. 
"Sun" is an exciting new release from Cat Power and an album you will be seeing a lot more of in music magazines and websites this year! For more information about Chan Marshall and Cat Power you can visit