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Born Ruffians

Red, Yellow & Blue



Released: December 4, 2007
Label: Wrap Records

Spotify: bornruffians


By: Rand Renfrow

Man, I must be a real sucker for bands singing in unison, because Born Ruffians do it a lot, and I love them. Seriously, every song where the band has sweet harmonies gets stuck in my head so easily – and it’s awesome. There are even songs where everyone is singing, then someone is singing some other lyrics and someone is whistling and someone is snapping. Everything goes together so well. Super clean vocals and production. Their sound can best be described as pop – just really happy, upbeat songs. But they sound more like 1960s pop music, like the Monkees or something. They definitely have this classic feel about them, and while they are still pop music, they have a unique style