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The Bad Ones

Released: August 7,2012   
Label: Self-Released
Reviewed by: Forrest King

Blonds is the child of Cari Ray and Jordy Asher. The duo released a EP that really raised the expectations for their full length album and they did not disappoint. They seem to have created an almost gothic dream type mood, where most songs seem to have a simple repetitive guitar or piano riff. Not to mention the slightly haunting lyrics that also tend to be very short and to the point. “Run” is a stand out track on this album and it contains both element of a very catchy riff and haunting lyrics. “Time” is another one of those songs you can’t escape from that follows the same productive formula as stated before. If you like what you hear then I would also recommend “Mr. E,” “Magic,” and “Falling.” The Bad One is a very complete album that I would fully recommend.