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BJ the Chicago Kid

Pineapple Now-Laters

Released: Feb 21, 2012
Label: M.A.F.E MUSIC
Review by: Kevin Walker

Pineapple now and laters is a very different RnB mixtape. It encompasses the essence of soul and in that same breath it is very conscious music. I really enjoyed how different and refreshing it was. Every song had its own sound to and every song was very good. My favorite tracks were “his pain” ft Kendrick Lamar and “Lady Lady”. I also thought the song “good luv’n” was a really good song. His overall sound kind of reminds me of Deangelo. He has a real soulful raspy voice. This mixtape is available on iTunes right now, it is worth the purchase. Overall it is a must here if you’re a true RnB fan. I would give this mixtape a 9/10.