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Big K.R.I.T.

4Eva N A Day

Released: March 5th

Although I'm sure we were all equally disappointed to hear about the set back of Big K.R.I.T.'s Def Jam debut of Live From the Underground, it's safe to say we can let it slide after hearing 4Eva N A Day. K.R.I.T. continues his domination is the underground rap game with this personal and honest album that he dropped on March 5th.

Essentially the concept for the album was a look into a day in the life on Big K.R.I.T. as it starts off with the tracks "8:04 AM" and "Wake up" and finishes with "5:04 AM" and "The Alarm". 4Eva N A Day contains no features from other artists and was produced entirely by K.R.I.T. himself, it's a project destined to show the real King Remembered In Time and showcase his raw talent. In tracks like "Boobie Miles" (my personal favorite) K.R.I.T. offers words of wisdom as he says "Don't be eager to run with crowds, stay in your lane/Pass the knowledge on to your team, but carry the flame/Cause it's yours and yours alone to brighten your way". Then there are the tracks where K.R.I.T. shows love to the south specifically. Like in "Me and My Old School" which includes a chopped & screwed sample and "Country Rap Tune" where he pays respect to his southern rap predecessors. Where Big K.R.I.T. has always shined the most though is in the songs where he lays down his raw emotions. Throughout the album this is especially highlighted in the tracks "Red Eye" and "Handwriting". In "Red Eye" K.R.I.T. lets out frustrations he's been having in a relationship where he fears love may not be enough when he's not the man his girl wants him to be. K.R.I.T. talks of his dissatisfactions in the rap industry in "Handwriting" but gives thanks to those who supported him: "But thank God for Bun B and Ludacris because they had faith/That sh*t would take off and it did, guess I was too country to quit/I make albums not hits/ these rich folk don't know about this".

4Eva N A Day is a reflection of the K.R.I.T. we've come to love. While it is not his best release ever, it is still a great album and one of the best to drop so far this year. It greatly furthers the anticipation for his next album that's set to drop June 5th. And those of you worried K.R.I.T. may get caught up in the mainstream, in the words of the man himself in "4EvaNaDay (Theme)", "I ain't tripping on mainstream, cause love from the underground, that's forever".

- Tatiana Watson