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Bat For Lashes

The Haunted Man

Release Date: October 12, 2012
Label: Parlophone
Reviewed By: Jill Stephenson

Bat For Lashes rarely sounds like anyone else, a major tribute to Natasha Khan musical talent. The Haunted Man is destined to give Bat For Lashes the universal credit they deserve. The album cover alone shows the transformation, the past two albums have featured Khan made up in body paint and costume with elaborate sets behind her. This cover features the artist quite literally stripped down with a naked man strewn across her shoulders, no distractions, just an honest interpretation of the record. “Lilies” starts the record in ghostly fashion, Khan’s vocal range from just a whisper to joyful cries of “Thank God I’m alive.” Next up, “All Your Gold” is the records most dance worth track despite the gloomy lyrics “I let him take all my gold/ And hurt me so bad/ And now for you I have nothing left.” “Horses Of The Sun” features tribal drums, low vocals, as well as howling in the background and manages to be endlessly entertaining. “Oh Yeah” showcases Khan’s higher vocals back by elements of electronic music. The album standout is “Laura.” The track doesn’t immediately scream hit but by the third listen the power is undeniable, Khan breaks you heart with a narrative of a superstar named Laura, “Your name is tattooed on every boy’s skin.” “Rest Your Head” is another standout dance track. Khan’s vocals tend to draw immediate comparison to Kate Bush, for good reason, she is a powerful vocalist with a clear direction. The album all together manages to be bigger than the sum of its parts, bigger than you would expect. Somehow, Natasha Khan manages to sound superhuman and frighteningly frail, all at the same time. Bat For Lashes is currently touring in Europe and the Australia, with no dates set for North America yet.