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Not Quite Yours

Released: May 8, 2012
Label: NBD Records
By: Jill Stephenson

Barcelona’s anticipated follow up to their well received 2009 record Absolutes, delivers a more mature tone both lyrically as well as in overall sound. The sincere and autobiographical lyrics along with Brain Fennell’s solid yet sometimes vulnerable vocals make for an intimate listening experience. Tracks like “Slowly” and “’Til Death” showcase Fennell’s intimate vocals, while “Evermore” and “Hanging In A Void” provide a catchier feel thanks to Rhett Stonelake on drums. “Slipping Away” and “Watching Me” are bound to lodge themselves into your head and you’ll be happy they did so. The album is well rounded with each song able to stand-alone and together make a solid record.
If you enjoy artists like Local Natives or Death Cab For Cutie (a major influence on the band), Not Quite Yours is definitely worth a listen.