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Etchy Sketchy Skies

Release Date: August 23, 2012
Label: Green Records
Reviewed By: Jill Stephenson

Upbeat and pop influenced with tons of energy, Artichoke is back with another stellar record. From childlike wonder to deep, tortured lyrics, this album is everything you have come to expect from Timothy Sellers over the years. “The Market of Farms” kicks off this record in a big way with some crazy sitar. A personal favorite of mine is “How Long ‘til Jesus Satan Reunion Tour?” a track full of catchy, tongue-in-cheek lyrics like “Satan woke up in a funk/ Sick of doing evil.” Other standout tracks include “I’ve got a Proposition For You,” a track with some highly enjoyable guitar and “We’re Goin’ Down the Tubes,” which features some of the most endearing falsetto around. The whole album is a laid back good time with a live performance sound. The album has an ambitious number of tracks, 15 in all, that all deserve at least one listen until you pick your favorites. If you enjoy the Shins or Pavement, there’s a good chance you could get behind this album.