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Ape School

Junior Violence

Released: August 7, 2012
Label: Counter, Ninja Tune
Reviewed by: Jose A. Gonzalez

Junior Violence is the second LP that will be released by Michael Johnson/Ape School. Ape School brings what feels like an 80’s era album, but its echoed sounds will grab your attention. “A new low! It sucks itself!”, is one song that will bring that feeling of that music era due to the echoed tunes. Then there is “Marijuana’s on the phone” that brings the name of the song to the music, and has an wondering theme to the song. “Sourpuss Down to a science” is another song that blends the name to the song and creates a sci-fi theme to the song. Junior Violence is something different with familiar sounds, but an entertaining experience for the audience; making this album worth the buy.