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Sammy Wells

Co-Program Director Sammy Wells

Favorite KTSW Memory

"Favorite KTSW Memory: it's a tie between Working the Booth during Quad Days and interviewing President Trauth on Other Side Drive in Spring '21."

After KTSW & TXST...

"After I graduate I plan to either be a professional musician or, more likely, a history teacher."

Sammy Wells


For inquires about Other Side Drive, email:

About Me

Sammy is currently Majoring in History with a Minor in Mass Comm. He stems from Dayton, Texas, and is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter outside of KTSW. He has been working at KTSW since Spring '21.

Fun Fact: He is a triplet, and both his siblings also work at KTSW!

Favorite Album:

Abbey Road by The Beatles

Abbey Road by The Beatles