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Saidif Mejia

Co-Program Director Saidif Mejia

Favorite KTSW Memory

"My favorite memory has been getting to run my own specialty show with one of my current roommates that I met through KTSW, Yung Dafoe."

After KTSW & TXST...

"I think it would be cool to work for a Big 4 accounting firm for a few years out of college. In the long run, I’d love to work in the accounting/finance department of a film production company, a nonprofit, or a government office. "

Saidif Mejia


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About Me

Saidif is an accounting major and a mass communication minor. He is from San Antonio, Texas. He started at KTSW as a freshman in Fall 2019 in the music department but has worked in the programming department since Spring 2020. 

Fun Fact: He has created a few short films (both live-action and stop-motion), he was a mathematics tutor for three years, and he has been to over 25 underground shows since starting high school. Saidif also listened to KTSW since he was a kid.

Favorite Album:

Face Down In Meta by Pet Shimmers

Face Down In Meta by Pet Shimmers